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Jun. 9th, 2020

Stephano <3

Links; not clones of the Hylian hero

Some links :D

My account on DA. Expect a scattered style  :D

I go there way too often :B

Great LGBT community. Closets are for clothes and squeezy sex.

I already had one, but I lost the password. To both the account and my mail.
Hello, my name is Fail. Yay, rhyme :D

Comics that are grrrrrreat!
The awesomest comic in this world. Seriously. Go there. Now. And drool over zombie ass.

 Oh dear, this comic has everything! Cute bear that drinks beer..! That's everything.

If you don't like comics that's dirty/sexy/fun/awesome, then don't go there.

 This one is called "Not Safe For Work" for a reason. I feel like a perverted sicko reading it :3

 Is awesome. Enough said.

Since I've just become a crazy cat-person,t his feels appropriate

Jeez, more cat comics..!

The story "Cat Rackham and the comforts of life" gives you the most horrifying villain E.V.E.R.

 And lastly, a trans-comic with dark humor! Mostly from the MtF point-of-view, but the author includes FtM's too :)

Apr. 3rd, 2012

Stephano <3

Sim Hospital and Gamesgames.com

Since reading about the approaching closure of the game section I've lost all motivation to continue playing Sim Hospital.
If they suddenly say "hey guess what, we wont close shit yaay glorious day!!11", well, I wont play anymore anyway.

Feel free to add me on gamesgames.com, my nick's Eggzombie.

Peace Edd, good lad.

Mar. 31st, 2012


The mixture of anal lube and feces.

I prefer that to the man himself.
What? Santorum of course! I know I'll be using that word. Not sure how often it will come up in daily conversations though...
"Oh sorry, can't come in to work today, I got a bad case of santorum. Yes, it's really bad, got it all over the floor ya see, I'm slipping around in my apartment like a drunk octopus on ice skates. The only chance I'll have of getting out that door is if I accidentally slides right into it. Keep your hopes up boss!"
What the fuck am I even talking about?

Anyway, any individual that defends dear little Rick's slip up must be trolling. There's no way in Ramsey's bumhole a person that have enough brain capacity to function like a living organism truly believes he was gonna say anything else but nigger. The excuses I've read is not even pathetic, they can only dream of being significant enough to be called that.
Bull, bull, bull and more bull on top of that.
How anyone can support that wandering waste of cells is beyond me.
I truly truuuuly hope this wont get swept under the rug, but instead will be his true downfall. But one shouldn't scream omelette before the eggs are laid I guess.

Mama Earth, start spinning violently so all the smelling santorum may be flung of your surface like an oiled up pig on a beach ball.

..... Can you tell I have a little intolerance problem?


Mar. 6th, 2012


Writer's Block: Say What?

Last summer
I told a friend about my transsexualism and that I would be going through some changes the following year.
Me: Soooo, now that I've told you about me being transsexual and all... Any questions? <:)
Friend: Will you change skin colour too? :0
Me: ...................... *is she serious* 8I
Friend: *seriousface* :I
Me ................................................no 8I
Friend: Oh, okay :)

Last fall
I "came out" to my little brother. Mom was there for support.
Me: Me be tranny :U
Mom: You haz question? :V
Brother: When's dinner? :I
Me&mom: 8I


What is the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?

Writer's Block: Pros and Cons

Yes, no.
Yes, technology has benefited the world greatly in many ways. It still baffles me that I can communicate with a dude sitting in Australia, a chick in Iran and a dudick in Norway, all before lunch.
No, it hasn't made it worse. Humans make the world worse. Technology simply gives us more ways to be assholes to more people, also all before lunch.

I can learn about new cultures, see new places, hear new music, see new faces, talk with strangers, talk with friends, make new enemies, lose hope and regain it, die from cuteness (darn you puppy videos!! *shakes fist*), faint from dumbness, cry of laughter, tear up in anger, learn some new dance moves, find new recipes, stalk old classmates, get addicted to new cartoons and play weird games, get friends from all over the globe, send a quick mail to my mom and then go take a nap. ALL BEFORE LUNCH YEAHH.

...... yeh.

And now for something completely different:
*(Lulz me fail big time. I meant Mitt Romney, not Ron Paul. I suck donkeybutt I guess.)
YouTube, I love you and all but please stop recommending Mittens Fucking Romney videos for me, okay? I only watched one or two damn videos to get a grip what the old fart stands for, I've NOT become a rabid Republican cheerleader. Please, stop. I want Obama to win, okay? Let me dream just for a wee moment that he will, okay? Thank you.
+ I don't want to hug Ron Paul either, but he's better than the others. Rick Satanrum shouldn't even be mentioned. Fuck.

Aaaanyway, I'm gonna listen to some Skrillex now. Because apparently that's not real music to some people, and I want to just sit in my comfy chair with a nice cup of tea, tap my feet to the beat and laugh at the stupid little cunts and cocks that keeps arguing about music. Ah, you silly humans, you are truly the smelling little piece of shit that stains the otherwise beautiful mosaic of life <3
Did I sound passive aggressive enough? :D Ok, maybe not so much passive as aggressive, but it's a difficult art to master!! Damn you all :'(

*Edited on the Angry Fisting Day. All hail the clenching fist as it goes up your anus, huzzah huzzah!
How has technology benefited the world? Or has it worsened it?

Feb. 27th, 2012



Aah, yes, once again I did it.
I entered the sewers and got my balls in a twist because of all the shit floating around.
Translation = I watched a youtube clip about racism and got mad at the racist assholes trying to justify their hatred.

The whole "I'm just telling the truth, you liberal pc pussies are brainwashed by Muslim fags waaaaaaah I'm whining because I'm not allowed to be a racist shitlick!!!111" bullshit is melting away my compassion -_-*

*looks at videos of people risking their lives to help fellow humans*
I feel much better now :3 Ready to love and tolerate the shit out of those fuckers! :D

Talking about youtube...
I love Mister73C's compilation videos called The Luckiest People. They make me shiver, smile, squeak and squeal.
And PewdiePie, he makes me laugh so much :3 I stalk a lot of youtubers (life? What is that?) but PewdiePie is my number one. Forever Brofist <3

Yeh, this post was pretty pointless. I have this theme going on, ya see..

I want a Need-to-pee-moody. Peace <3

Feb. 15th, 2012


Writer's Block: Tossing and Turning

Oh, where to start..?

Once I was chased by a tiny jumping pumpkin. It was a horrible nightmare but nobody gave me any sympathy :P
Another time I had skinned a rockstar and wore his skin. I thought I was sooooo hot in it. He had freakishly long teeth though, and for some reason I replaced my own with his. Looked rather weird.

I made out with Johnny Depp in one, dropped a baby so it's head smashed into pieces in another one and a few months ago I dreamt  I ran into a room where two women where hanging from the ceiling. They had been dipped into boiling water and their skin were loose and kinda sliding of their meat.

Hmmm.... What more? I don't remember if I've already written down the one about the murdered kids.. The one where three boys where kidnapped and found cut up into tiny pieces, the floor flooded by their blood, fat and bodily fluids. The pieces were numbered so the families could put together the bodies, like a morbid puzzle, and bury the sons.

 Last summer I got to experience a hang-over for the first time ever, all in a dream :1 I was so terribly pissed it was ridiculous, and I trashed a youth center for kids with drug problems.. Next morning I woke up with the most horrible headache known to mankind, plus general super-shitty-ness. I was sure the only thing that would help was more alcohol so I went on a booze-hunt, without any luck. I settled with a bottle of some sort of cleaning liquid.. Got me puking at least :)

Euhhhh.. The weirdest things about my dreams is that the ones you'd expect to be nightmares are simply exciting and adventurous. Instead I have bad dreams about pumpkins. Hm.

Did you notice that I love to talk about my dreams..? 8D

Peace in, peace out, slap it on the snout whoopwhoop.
Tell us your weirdest dream.

Feb. 9th, 2012

Stephano &lt;3

Ruler of the Net

PewdiePie, what a guy. He plays scary games and screams like an eunuch and is generally awesome. Right now he's running for King of the Web and for a while he was in the lead. The first prize is 7500 dollars. 7whoopa5doodley00 dollars. Lot of money.
Until this guy from Peru(?) popped up and snatched the first place in like a day.
Tell you what, I've been voting on kingofweb.com before and I haven't cared too much when the person I voted for lost big and great.
This time however, I'm PISSED.
Probably because the Peruvian dude's been breaking some rules and apparently have been some what of a douche, but mostly because Pewdie's plan is/was to donate the money to charity. All of it. 7,500 dollars to WWF. Woot.
But who knows how this will end :/

What makes me even more pissed is how Pewdie's been treated by some of the competition. Spending thousands of dollars all on yourself is apparently a big Oh Kay, but donating it all to charity is a bad baaad thing..?
Some people suck so bad they must be black holes in disguises.

Just for the slim little teeny weeny chance somebody reads this and wants to vote for Pewdie..

Peace :|

Jan. 25th, 2012


A small mind in a small box

I've been seething with rage for fifteen minutes now. and I want it to end. Now.
Hopefully a moment of keyboard-dance for my fingers will kill it. Kill it gooood.

I know I'm supposed to Love and Tolerate those fuckers to pieces because throwing hate back at them will never work. Who came up with the idea to fight fire with fire anyway? Have you ever tried it? It doesn't work. Everything just burns down.
Every time I've whipped out my flamethrower and roasted some asses, my own fart hair has ended up sizzled as well.
My brain doesn't smell like french fries when fried.
My throat hurts when I spit acid and my heart bleeds when I try to understand how such a beautiful world can be filled with such ugly people.

......Of course, there's beautiful people too.
My heart sings a little when I think about it. How such an ugly world can be filled with such beautiful people.

My writing's probably so flawed the words weeps, being forced into this monstrosity. They cry, "I was meant for something big! A best seller, a collection of timeless poems, or a love song for a dark eyed girl! Not, oh I say NOT was I meant to take part in a rant from a sleep deprived emo-tranny with a epileptic squid for a brain! I DEMAND COMPENSATION~!"
Blah blah blah.

I don't feel angry anymore C:

Peace 8D
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Jan. 24th, 2012


Writer's Block: Surf's Up!

Real Life, is that like a new expansion to The Sims 3 or something..?
How much time do you spend online?

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